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I am a much in demand executive and communications coach with over 15 years national and international experience in coaching, facilitating, teambuilding and training. My clients include CEO’s, general managers, sales teams, individuals and entire organisations.

I have coached, facilitated workshops and delivered training across numerous sectors in Ireland, UK, Europe and America. These assignments have given me significant experience as a communicator as I help individuals and organisations to develop their vision, mission, organisational culture and achieve their performance related goals.

Through the process of coaching I will help you to develop a greater level of self-awareness and to become more effective in everything you do. I have the skills to understand quickly where you are at present and in which direction you want to go.

Through a solid trust-driven relationship, plain talk and a nurturing yet challenging environment focus is placed on unlocking potential in order to maximise your very best performance.

With my expertise in interpersonal communication and in a nurturing yet challenging environment I provide support and impartial feedback to empower clients to achieve their desired objectives. By empowering my clients they achieve creativity, build confidence and generate a culture of continuous self improvement.

Client feedback has described my style as ‘having an innate knowledge of the human condition’ and to be ‘trustworthy, professional’ and to ‘have been a force for great and powerful change’ and to have given ‘care, provocation, advice, support and encouragement.’

In all coaching conversations trust, understanding and confidentiality are assured.

Kevin J Reid

Professional / Business Memberships

  • Member of the Sales Institute of Ireland
  • Member of the Coach Institute of Ireland
  • Member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development
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Sector Experience

Confidential, Objective and Professional

  • Business Process Outsourcing (Ireland, UK, Poland)

    One-to-one coaching for the Senior Management Team focussed on developing leadership and decision making skills amongst their teams. During my programme of coaching the company was awarded a ‘Gold Standard’ in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards and also Cork Company of the Year.

    One-to-one coaching for middle managers identified as having negative behavioural traits which were detrimental to their job performance. Engaged in individual behaviour change programmes followed up with ongoing performance support and review.

  • Construction (Ireland, UK)

    Group and individual coaching for a Bid Team as they prepared a successful tender presentation to an international chip manufacturer for the construction of a manufacturing plant.

  • eRetailing (Ireland, India)

    One-to-one CEO coaching on decision making strategy and developing a high performance team. During my programme of coaching, the CEO was shortlisted as one of eight finalists in the ‘emerging’ category of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year.

  • International Educational Plc (Ireland, UK, Cyprus)

    Facilitator/ Coach/ Sales Trainer working with an international sales team made up of seven nationalities on a week-long residential training course.

  • Legal (Ireland)

    One-to-one coaching for Barristers seeking promotion to Senior Counsel.
    One-to-one coaching for a Solicitor seeking a Head of Legal role within an Irish utility.

  • Mining (International)

    Coaching middle managers on inter-personal communications, leadership, conflict resolution and developing their own high performance teams.

  • Not-For-Profit (Ireland, European, International)

    Facilitator/ Coach to a Learning Group of CEO’s from the private, public and the not-for-profit sectors who were taking a leadership development programme with an international not-for-profit organisation.

    Coaching the CEO of a European membership-based organisation focusing on management competencies and strategy development.

    Coaching the CEO of a start-up food initiative focussing on branding, mission, values, ethics, short and medium term planning and resource allocation.

    Coaching the Senior Officers of an international Student organisation focussing on inter-personal relationships, role awareness and time management.

  • Security Services (Ireland)

    One-on-one coaching for the Deputy Head of Security of a Universtiy with over 16,000 students who was seeking and gained promotion.
    One-to-one coaching for the Senior Investigator of a leading private detective agency on expanding market share, ethics, inter-personal communications and time management.

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